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This class is pre-recorded and self-paced.

How to bring the best quality of care to a birth in the home.

While many of the needs will overlap, supporting a birthing person in a homebirth setting can look and feel very different than supporting them in a hospital or birthing center. This workshop will help you develop the skills you need to build that support system and will delve into homebirth culture, doula responsibilities and working alongside homebirth midwives, transfers, precipitous labor, and what should be in your doula bag and homebirth kit.

*For CHB Birth Doula students, this class counts as a continuing education class towards birth and postpartum certification.

This class is pre-recorded and self-paced.
Samantha Huggins

Samantha Huggins thinks a lot about interactions and relationships.  With each other, with our planet, with our bodies.  From micro to macro, one end to the other and everything in between.  She knows that all things are here already and are possible when we fortify ourselves with knowledge and strong relationships.  Samantha has been working in perinatal health for over a decade as a birthworker (doula), educator, curriculum builder, facilitator and a Co-Founder of Carriage House Birth.  Samantha's mission in birthwork today is to share her collected wisdom with eager new birthworkers, individuals, growing families and communities.


"This was another grounding class. I've been thinking so much about how doula's really are multi-taskers and it sounds like homebirth is a place where doulas can really shine if we show up ready to hold the container and keep the momentum solid and cozy." - Brette Howard

"So much information packed into this course! I feel so much more confident about my role as a doula in the home setting now!" - Celina Sainte-Rose