This course lays the foundation for anyone pursuing a path as a birth doula. A collaboration between Carriage House Birth, Woven Bodies, and Dorcas Davis Consulting, our 9-week program offers comprehensive training and fundamental information so you are adequately equipped with the expertise to support birthing families with confidence and compassion.

Every birth experience is unique so we think it’s critical that our doula training students learn from teachers with a breadth of lived experiences. Your teachers will include experienced doulas, seasoned mentors focused on the perinatal space, esteemed birth educators, and antiracist and LGBTQIA+ activists. Building a solid base of medical knowledge around birth is crucial, but so too is work that goes beyond the physical acts of laboring and delivery. In the CHB training program you will also dig deep into questions of bias, privilege, race, and inequalities, which all intersect the birthing process.

Learning, particularly this kind of learning, is not an island. So each week to support more nuanced exploration of the chosen material there will be Share Circles led by peers or mentors that foster a more collective approach to learning. Assignments and coursework will test both your acquired knowledge and offer opportunities for thoughtful reflection in various formats.

Training Topics

Each week we will deep dive into a new subject essential for your foundational training. Here’s a sample of what will be covered over the course of 9 weeks. 

+History of American Obstetrics and Midwifery Care

+Anatomy and Physiology of Birth

+High Risk Pregnancies and Interventions

+Antiracism Workshop with Dorcas Davis Consulting

+LGBTQIA+ Workshop with Woven Bodies

+Comfort Techniques

+Your Doula Bag

+Building Your Doula Business

+Postpartum Support

Our goal is to make our doula training as accessible as possible: if this kind of work is calling you, we can make it work for you. We hold our training—3 hour sessions once a week over 9 weeks—via Zoom.

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Carriage House Birth is committed to creating access to our Doula Trainings by partnering with Socially Conscious Brands to provide 2-5 full scholarships per doula training.

Our scholarship program prioritizes Black, Indigenous, Asian and Latinx people regardless of income, LGBTQIA2S+, and people who are experiencing financial hardship in support of our larger goal to provide access for and train doulas who will raise the standard of care for the most vulnerable birthing bodies.

What The Scholarship Includes

  • ​Scholarships will cover the cost of the virtual 9 week training.
  • Pre Recorded Case Studies
  • Carriage House Birth Pre-Recorded Childbirth Education Class

What The Scholarship DOES NOT Include

  • Your three continuing education classes taught in your community (infant feeding basics plus 2 other classes related to perinatal health of choice)
  • Prerequisite books

Benchmarks for Candidates​

  • Prioritizing BIPOC, QTPOC, Queer LGBTQ, People with Disabilities + People experiencing financial hardship
  • Reflective, Forward-Thinking + Creative Responses
  • Submissions are reviewed and considered as they are received
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.