At Carriage House Birth we believe that birthing the way you want to is a right. And our mission is to equip all birthing people with the knowledge, provide them the support, and surround them with a community that allows them to do just that.

Birth is sacred and, as birthworkers, we are both keenly aware and deeply honored to be able to bear witness to the journeys and milestone moments of both birthing people and their children. Every birthing process we have the gift of being a part of at CHB matters, and, our hope and our driving purpose is to help make that sentiment a universal one. Because sensitive, conscious, and informed care throughout the birthing process should simply be a universal standard.

We think arriving at that place starts with arming birthing people with knowledge and confidence so they have a sense of agency and control throughout what can often be a daunting journey, with furthering the education and practical expertise of birth workers, and by identifying and highlighting voices in the community who are championing the causes and addressing the issues we care so passionately about.

CHB’s mission and vision is to help build a world where every stage of the birthing process matters and every birthing person feels seen and heard.


We have had the opportunity to reflect on and examine our business practices, and company culture, from a lens of equity and inclusivity. We embrace and have embraced social justice and advocacy as individuals, are each committed to the principles of antiracism and inclusivity, and our lives reflect it. As an organization and team, we want to ensure our personal values are also embodied within all aspects of our business, and experienced on our internal team.

To that end, we are committed to engaging in ongoing conversations and reflective practice with our community. In community, we learned it is vital to be more transparent and create more avenues to gain input from both clients and from our birthworkers. We welcome your input and user experience, and there are a number of ways you can share feedback with us. This accountability page was created in our reflection, and is where we share updates on the work we are doing to refine our organizational practices and offerings in direct response to input we receive both internally and externally.

Currently, this work is guided by Dorcas Davis of Dorcas Davis Consulting, and Michelle Ndely of Ndely Consulting Group (NCG). Our Advisory Team and Morgane Richardson of Woven Bodies have been another layer of community that has supported & held us accountable.