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This class is pre-recorded and self-paced.
$150 per family

From pregnancy through the immediate postpartum.

Join Samantha Huggins, Full Spectrum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Doula Trainer and Co- Founder of Carriage House Birth in this video series that walks you through the basics of giving birth and the immediate postpartum. We are so excited to share this offering with you!

What comes with this class?

  1. Videos
  2. Our Childbirth Education Cliff Notes Booklet
  3. Slides and text
  4. Access via email to a Carriage House Birth Childbirth Educator for one week post your class to ask questions!

Class covers but is not limited to:

+Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth

+Physical and emotional stages of pregnancy

+Physical and emotional stages of labor

+Pain coping techniques – from visualization to hands on, water and beyond

+Birth preferences (formerly known as the birth plan)

+Pain management options and Coping Techniques

+Labor support–who to have at your birth

+Interventions and induction

+Cesarean birth

+Your postpartum body and life


This class is pre-recorded and self-paced.
Samantha Huggins

Samantha Huggins thinks a lot about interactions and relationships.  With each other, with our planet, with our bodies.  From micro to macro, one end to the other and everything in between.  She knows that all things are here already and are possible when we fortify ourselves with knowledge and strong relationships.  Samantha has been working in perinatal health for over a decade as a birthworker (doula), educator, curriculum builder, facilitator and a Co-Founder of Carriage House Birth.  Samantha's mission in birthwork today is to share her collected wisdom with eager new birthworkers, individuals, growing families and communities.