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Navigating Pregnancy, Discomforts and Strategies for a Smoother Journey

How can we help manage some pregnancy discomforts? One way is by tapping into our intuition. There's so much fear-based information out there that we often don't listen to our intuition. We often don't trust that we are the expert of our own body. So, there's this disconnect that happens and this inability to listen to that inner voice. I would strongly encourage you to listen to it to potentially shut out the chatter.


Anxiety is a lot. There are ways to start dropping into your body and listen to your intuition. What is that voice telling you? What is it saying to you? Listen to your intuition.


Pregnancy meditation might be a great way to reduce anxiety. This might be more challenging if you are already a parent to multiple children. But if you are pregnant with your first pregnancy, meditation is a wonderful way to drop into your body, reduce anxiety and ease discomfort in your body. You can make use of apps or maybe there is a birth doula who does guided visualizations or maybe hypnobirthing could be an option for you.


If you don't have the time, I would recommend putting your hand on your heart space and your womb and taking three deep breaths, matching your inhales to your exhales and really using breath as a way to draw into your body. Your pregnancy meditation might be only a minute that day. It's not about the length of time but rather the quality of those moments.


Talking with your baby is a huge way to ease pregnancy discomforts. Have conversations with your baby. I believe regular conversation with your baby is powerful.


I encourage you to incorporate daily walks into your day. Getting some fresh air in nature is a wonderful way to help ease discomfort during pregnancy. I know sometimes when you're achy, it can be a challenge to go for a walk. But once you do, you're always really grateful that you were able to move a little bit. 


Then what about working on being good to yourself during your pregnancy? I know not everybody can afford a spa day, but maybe it's something simple like making yourself a cup of tea every day and being intentional about being good to yourself.


These are a few ways that we can work on ourselves during pregnancy to hopefully ease some of the discomforts and the anxiety that come along with pregnancy.

Photo:  Kava Gorna