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How to Prepare for a Positive Twin Birth!

Many people who are pregnant with twins struggle to find positive and empowering information on twin pregnancy and childbirth. Most books and twin prep classes teach you how to be a good patient and how to prepare for worst case scenarios. Being prepared is important and things may not go as planned but what about a healthy balance of information? How often do you hear positive twin childbirth stories? Not often enough! Most of the information presented is not framed as choices. Twin families are not being fully informed about the choices they do have. 


Here are some ways that you can prepare for a positive twin birth experience. We definitely encourage you to take a twin prep class like Twin Magic offered by twins twice parent and doula Lindsey Bliss at Carriage House Birth, as most childbirth classes focus on singleton pregnancies. A twin pregnancy is way different! 


Here are a few questions to help guide you on creating your twin birth preferences. 


What type of atmosphere (dimmed lights, aromatherapy, music, etc.) will help you feel most comfortable? 

Will you be able to deliver vaginally with one breech or transverse position twin? Or both breech?

What is your care provider's view on cesarean birth and when to perform one?

When does your care provider recommend an induction in a twin pregnancy? At 38 weeks? At 42 weeks?
What are your thoughts on inductions?

Where will you deliver your twins? Hospital? The operating room? A birth center? Home?

Do you plan on having an epidural or pain medication or do you plan to avoid them?

What is your care provider's view on delayed cord clamping with twins?

Are you planning on keeping your twins placenta? What is the hospital’s policy on releasing twin placenta/s?

What if your twins require a NICU stay? What are the hospital's policies?

Do you plan on body feeding? If so, do you have access to a pump and or lactation support?

Do you have a postpartum support plan? A postpartum Doula?


This should get you started off on the right foot. Congratulations and good luck on your twin magic journey! It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do but we promise you it’ll be worth it! 


Photo:  Jennifer Mason