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How to Care for Yourself in the Immediate Postpartum Period

Caring for yourself postpartum can be challenging as a new parent. Your newborn may take up all of your energy and attention. It can be hard to find the time to take a shower or go to the bathroom when you want to. You may even need reminders to eat and brush your teeth. Parenting a newborn can be an all-consuming job! 


Your self-care is going to look different now that you are a parent. Self-care pre-baby may have meant meditating, going to get a massage or regular exercise classes. Letting go of the fact that self care won't look the same will help you surrender to the new flow of things. 


Creating a ritual of caring for yourself is important for your overall well-being and mental health. Here are some ways for you to implement self-care. 


* Nourish yourself. Eat nutrient-dense food. 

* Accept help if offered. 

* Ask for help. Asking for help shows strength. 

* Move your body. Walking is a great choice postpartum. 

* Sleep. Cat nap when baby naps. 

* Connect with nature. Put your feet in the dirt and look up at the sky.

* Fresh Air. Take 5 deep belly breaths. 

* Aromatherapy. 

* Set boundaries. No is a complete sentence. 

* Meditate. Try 5 minutes in the morning. 

* Hobby - Do something that you love. It's important to have heart work outside of parenting.

* Date night with a partner, friend, or yourself! 


Setting the intention to practice caring for yourself during pregnancy will get you in the habit and will follow you into postpartum. Modeling self-care for your children is so important. It shows that you value yourself and will teach your child/children to value themselves.


By Lindsey Bliss


Photo:  Naomi Vonk