It Takes a Village…

In the traditional model of doula care in the United States, a family would engage one independent doula to support them throughout their birth process. From prenatal care, through birth and postpartum care. While this is still the model in most cases, an important element of care has been left out, the village. Once there were many people supporting the pregnant person through their journey, including labor experts, herbalists, and postpartum caretakers.

At Carriage House Birth, we recreate that village.

Carriage House Birth strives to provide pregnant people with a family system. The success of our model is grounded in the cultivation of a network of relationships among the members of our nationwide community. We believe that it is imperative for our birth and postpartum doulas, doula trainers and preferred care providers to all interact with each other so that they feel comfortable with calling on one another to create the ultimate web of support for our clients. This approach weaves our in-house relationships into a fabric that provides unwavering support for the families we tend to.

Carriage House Birth offer Doula Care, Education and Trainings for pregnant people and the doulas who care for them.

Domino Kirke, Samantha Huggins, and Lindsey Bliss are the triad of Mothers and birth doulas that own and run Carriage House Birth. Their village of support is currently in New York City and Los Angeles and is growing by the day.

Carriage House Birth is honored to have served over 1500+ families in New York and Los Angeles since 2011 with birth and postpartum support, breastfeeding/infant feeding support, childbirth education and more.