Saturday, March 9th and Sunday, March 10th, 2024, 2-5pm
$495 per family

The sheer amount of information available around birthing can be staggering and overwhelming to try to sift through. We’ve done all the reading and the research so you don’t have to and distilled it into an interesting, engaging, and, dare we say, fun classroom experience. Drawing on both notable texts and teaching and our own long and varied experiences as birth workers, we aim to fill your birth tool bag with the essential information about laboring methods applicable in hospital and birth center or home settings. Information is power and we believe that reframing the birth process as a normal human rite of passage, instilling a deep understanding of the birthing body, and swapping fear-based narratives with confidence leads to the best birth outcomes. 


The Carriage House Birth Childbirth Education Weekend class is a six-hour commitment that takes a deeper dive into material than our Express offerings. The class fee covers attendance for two people.

Class covers but is not limited to:

+Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy and Birth

+Physical & Emotional Stages of Pregnancy

+Stages and Signs of Labor

+Pain Coping Strategies

+The role of the partner

+Birth preferences (formerly known as the birth plan)

+What to expect from your birthing location, what to pack and how to prepare

+Pain medications for labor and hands-on practice

+Labor support team

+Interventions and inductions

+Cesarean birth

+The postpartum body and mind


Saturday, March 9th and Sunday, March 10th, 2024, 2-5pm
Sophia Louis

Sophia is a Black, first generation Haitian-American and ethnically Cuban, Full Spectrum: birth, postpartum, holistic fertility doula and educator in New York City. Additionally, Sophia is a Newborn Care Specialist and after earning a Masters degree in Public Health from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, she became a Maternal and Child Health Epidemiologist.


Sophia is extremely passionate about reproductive justice and breaking down the barriers and challenges in maternal care, particularly for Black birthing bodies.  Sophia’s mission in birth work is to promote personalized care. She believes childbirth education, continuous pregnancy and labor support and immediate postpartum care are necessary to improve birth outcomes. She is the founder of LunarLight Birth Services and Beyond, LLC and offers both in person and virtual services.


Grand Street Healing Project

105 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249



"Sophia is an excellent teacher! All birthing people and their partners ..give yourselves the Gift of preparation and knowledge. Sophia brings humor wit and rapid fire tips on how to have your best birth. As a Doula with CHB it was so fun to attend with my clients. I highly recommend her class. Bring a notebook and your curiosity. The time flies with Sophia offering a treasure trove of wisdom! Thank you Sophia!" ❤️ - Julia Knight “Sophia Louis is an amazing educator! Her positive energy keeps the class fun, and her years of experience make all of the information trustworthy and worthwhile! We learned so much from her!” - Jennifer Lilly "We really enjoyed our class and definitely feel more prepared for birth and labor." - Paula