Testimonials for Samantha Huggins

“I can’t begin to describe how awesome it was to have Samantha’s support during the birth of our second daughter. Our first daughter was born at home, but because of medical complications my plan for a home birth with Ida turned into a planned hospital induction.

Samantha supported me from start to finish and provided a much needed boast of love, humor and comfort. She checked in with me daily to see how I was handling the change in plans, offered helpful advice to get my body ready for labor, and reassured me again and again that everything would be alright.

On the day of the induction, she shared a huge breakfast with my husband and I and traveled with us to the hospital. Having never wanted to give birth in a hospital, I was frightened of the experience, but Samantha’s warm, spirited presence provided a safe place for me to turn my attention to.

During the induction with pitocin, she used acupressure, massage, aromatherapy,  nourishment, and advocacy with the hospital staff to allow me to labor without pain medication and, honest to god, without pain. I got to 8 centimeters and was smiling the whole time! It was totally bizarre, but I swear Samantha played a huge part in this. She was also an excellent support to my husband; helping to keep him calm and laughing and focused on supporting me. She had an amazing ability to sense when we needed time together and when she needed to step in for my comfort.

What was also really helpful, was Samantha’s store of knowledge regarding birthing positions. She knew things that one of the midwives didn’t even know and helped me to effectively labor on my side when the hospital staff made me lie down and rest for a bit. In the end, my body choose to give birth to our sweet baby Ida while laying on my left side. The pushing was hard and Samantha helped choreograph my birth teams ability to help me feel comfortable between contractions during the pushing phase. She also helped me breath and relax as I pushed, and I had no tearing and no soreness the next day. I was shocked! After more than a day of labor, Samantha was still laughing and supportive. I do not think I could have had the excellent birth experience I had without her help. I will surely hire her again if we decide to have another baby. She has be trusted support and friend and I am so glad to have shared this experience with her.”

“We knew we definitely wanted a doula only after watching a documentary that thankfully opened our eyes. Finding the right fit of the perfect doula surely can take time and effort.
Fortunately, Sam was referred to us through a friend. She was our 2nd interview of 4 women. We decided to not even interview the last 2 women after meeting her. Sam was not only extremely professional, and reliable, but her knowledge, non-judgment, flexibility, and genuine care for our family unit were all attributes we were grateful to have in Sam. She exudes a warm personality that offered a hormonal pregnant woman comfort and nurturing when I needed it most, answers when there were questions, and confidence for a first time mom to be, when my own wavered. Not to mention, the support she offered my husband before delivery day and in the labor room was priceless.
Turns out, our birth did not go exactly as planned. However, Sam helped us through what could have been a more emotionally challenging and stressful experience had she not been on our “team”. She was an advocate when we needed her to be and very hands on, and just an ear to listen when we just needed that as well. Sam shared in the most important day of our lives with us. We were thrilled to have “worked” with her, and would do it all over again with a second!”


“Our doula Samantha was amazing! She was such a God-send for me. I was very nervous about the entire process and trying to fill all my roles as coach, liaison, decision maker, and oh yeah, dad-to-be. So, Samantha had many tasks…providing support and guidance for us both, communicating with the hospital staff and interpreting info, helping us make critical decisions, and keeping me sane through it all. She did all this and much more.

The thing that stood out most to me is her genuine love, concern, and passion. When interviewing her initially, we asked why she had become a doula…after a pause, she looks up, tears in her eyes, and shares her heart about how much she loves to help women and families have a beautiful birth experience. It was all I needed.
Samantha was our doula, but has become a dear friend. We will definitely have her be our doula again, and we strongly recommend her. Thank you Sam, again and again.”