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Our AWESOME Nursing Support Clinic has resumed at WILD WAS MAMA n Greenpoint Brooklyn and will run every Wednesday from 10:30am-12pm. Same great support, new location!  You can sign up here or below in the Infant Feeding Support Section below

Cant wait to see you!

Carriage House Birth strives to provide our community with current and relevant classes that will nourish a variety of learners and prepare families for birth, infant feeding and more.

We have achieved this by staying abreast on current evidence based information and coping techniques as well as our culled collective hands on experience as a bi-coastal doula agency.  Through this model, we guide our students through their own epic journeys into parenthood.

All of our classes are fully inclusive.  Please email us directly at if you would like to give us a heads up on your preferred pronouns.

Childbirth Education


At Carriage House, we have culled our shared birth and postpartum experiences, current evidence based information and training to develop a strong, interesting and fun classroom experience. We believe that it is best to fill your birth tool bag with as many options as possible, therefore we teach what is most useful and use what we feel are the best elements from the various laboring methods that are out there today. Whether at home, in a hospital or birth center, we believe that good birth outcomes happen when fear is replaced by confidence and understanding of the laboring person’s body and the very normal experience that is pregnancy and childbirth.

Our Intensive Childbirth Education class is a 10 hour, one weekend (Saturday, Sunday) commitment. It offers families the same full curriculum as the four-week version just condensed.


Class covers but is not limited to:

* Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy and Birth
* Physical and Emotional Stages of Pregnancy
* Physical and Emotional Stages of Labor
* Pain Coping Techniques – from visualization to hands on, water and beyond
* Birth Plans and Birth Planning
* Pain Medication Options
* Labor Support–who to have at your birth
* Interventions and Induction
* Cesarean Birth
* Your Postpartum Body and Life

This Intensive is $400 PER COUPLE!

WEEKEND INTENSIVES (click on date to register)

September 23rd and 24th (at WILD WAS MAMA)

October 21st and 22nd

November 11th and 12th

December 16th and 17th

WEEKNIGHT SERIES (click on date to register)

new dates coming soon

TWIN MAGIC (click on date to register)

new dates coming soon 




SUPPORT BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 2017 AT 10:30AM every Wednesday!

sign up HERE

272 Driggs Ave

Brooklyn 11222

Breastfeeding Support Group with a Lactation Counselor or a board certified Lactation Consultant.

A weekly breastfeeding support group led by a Lactation Counselor and a board certified Lactation Consultant (rotating weeks) . Group discussion and individual recommendations. Bring your baby and your mode of feeding whatever that is for you!

Scale available.

Cost: $35 per dyad


The group is led by Rachel King, a parent of three and a lactation consultant IBCLC and Samantha Huggins, Carriage House Birth Director, Birth Doula, Doula Trainer, Childbirth Educator and lactation counselor/IBCLC in training.